About Me

My name is Sonia Quinn. I was born in 1969 and have lived and worked for the most part in SE London. I attended St Mary's College, Strawberry Hill, where I studied English, Classics and a foundation year in Music.


Having had an interest in education, but not wanting to follow the more traditional route, I enrolled at the London Montessori Centre (now Montessori Centre International) and became a qualified Montessori practitioner.


In 1996 I founded Stepping Stones Montessori Nursery Ltd in partnership with another Montessori teacher and worked there for thirteen years. Since becoming a home based Montessori practitioner I joined the committee of the Lewisham Childminders Association and became the last chair. I am a member of the Montessori Schools Association and media officer for the Montessori Childminding Network. I also meet with local childminders to offer support and a friendly ear. I am in touch with the Liverpool Early Years Team to keep up to date with local issues and use social media to keep myself informed and supported on national matters. I attend many seminars and lectures throughout the year as part of my Continuous Professional Development to make sure my training is up to date. I also graduated in a postgraduate certificate with Montessori Education for Autism (January 2016). In my most recent Ofsted inspection (January 2016) I was given the grade Outstanding.

In 2018 I became a peer to peer trainer, offering other childminders affordable CPD introducing Montessori theory and practice in a childminding setting.


In my spare time I enjoy cooking and baking, music (listening and performing), reading, cinema, theatre, photography, walking and yoga.

Upcoming Events:
New Start in Liverpool
September 2019

I have recently moved to the Aigburth area of Liverpool and will be ready to open the Red Door again in September 2019. Please get in touch for any further information